Tuesday, 14 February 2012


BCN 2012

After reolising i had some holidays to use up from work i wanted to take a trip back out to barca, so i gave everyone a txt too see who was down for a skate/filming trip to barcelona to get the ball rolling on a new video. Ant, josh and nicolson were instantly down! not long after john and paul booked and shared a room with dave vise and froby! arriving at the airport we went through sequrity and went and hit up a few pints before we flew out, as we got on the plan ant and john both reolised that they needed to piss and not being able to go because we were just taking off! john used his inishative and used one of the sick bags, then not long after followed by ant so there i am sitting in between two guys with two bags of piss in there hands hahaha, what a start to an amazing trip....

all went down hill from here

john and ant pissed in the sick bags

thankfully we left the dirty retched stinking snow

was rad to see no snow upon landing

barca was ready for what was about to hit em

josh was ready for the 1st night macba session

paul macba!

camel toe

froby on the don simon

ant balcony chilling

first spot first day parralel

theatre ledge

paul lost his virginity to don simon

got love for them streets

hostel room 1!

josh standardly killed every spot!

forum chilling

nicolson fs noseslide


best spot ever

hostel room 2 getting ready to hit the streets

froby and john chilling at fondo

all you photographers better watch your backs!

readwin did a 540 then yammed a pizza ! MVP fo sho!

can serra was everyones favorite spot! if you dont know now you know

poor bird


slow shutter

trowl down

froby got pop

we spent half of the last day at sants and froby got a dope line to end the trip!
on a whole the trip was dope as fuck, thanks to josh, nicolson , ant , froby , dave , paul and john, so hyped on all the footage gathred! BCN 2012

Thursday, 2 February 2012

This time last year....

horsey came back from a trip to the usa with a ntsc vx2 with fisheye for nicolson to mod. on the first day over it being modded we went and tested it out down at the park! only took about 15 mins for the lens to get almost writen off, but ended up not as bad as first thought! also including some doubles and tripples! BAP BAP