Thursday, 31 March 2011


(click photo to enlarge)

As you all know or dont the video ive been working on is finished! and the premier for it is on the 30th April at the harlow square. doors open at 8pm and is £2 entry before 9pm and £4 after 9pm! after the video there is music from dj trax and monk with a mix of hip hop, old skool, d&b, dubstep and more and there will be a d&b live drummer doing a set. hope you can all make it!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


due to the weather suddenly turning shit, and being unable to film the last few things to finish my video we decided to go on a spot hunting mission for when the weather gets better. heres what we found....

block 5 ya dig!

best park ever

rifle range?


came across this abandond building

wall ride

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


After a week in alicante filming for the new ravenous video. harry is now back in harlow. heres a line we filmed last night in town just for a fuck about! was too much fun to film! holla!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Crazy Ass White Bitches Almost Finished!

The video i have been working on for a good few years is almost coming to an end! (end of next month hopfully) its been fun working on it, but im kind of glad i wont have to edit anything else for a little while haha! im trying to work out getting a premier sorted and once i find out if i can or cant ill let people know! even if i dont at the least there will be copys for sale for you to enjoy or think what a load of shit hahaha

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Recently had a fucking amazing trip to barca with nicolson and ronny calow. like i said the trip was incredible i didnt wanna leave, weather was amazing and managed to film loads of footy for the new death video and had the best time filming lines for days ! first night was eventful ronny snapped his board at macba doing a nose bonk over a wall then about 30 mins later dislocateted his finger and had to snap it back in. we hooked up with Morph, Troy west, Adam moss and Miles wood and skated a load of spots and hung out. Trip was a success.

nicolson, amoss, ronny and miles wood!

footy cheak myself, nicolson,ronny and morph man

veiw from the hostel was preety rad

biggie hung out for a bit

lines for days at forum


drinking went down

ronny getting on the tall tee's

" having a meeting with jah" - nicolson

cant beat a bit of cock graffiti !zipote!

last day and i ripped my trail before getting train to the airport on a fakie flip!