Tuesday, 31 July 2012


here is a little offcuts clip i threw together of our 2 week long trip in new york ...

Monday, 30 July 2012


 we were near the area when i saw on facebook dibbs had broke his clippers half way through a hair cut, so we went round there to help out and laugh!
 horse got lucky
 "Doode? do i look cool" - Jon Readwin
 jon took about 20 real harsh slams on this one....

 is king slam

 i did a stunt...
to end it off harry snapped his board trying a line .. board took a beating

and also if your into grime check out my mate lyracyst's mixtape ..

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


 after this hippy jump filmed the line round the corner were some cunt tried to put his foot under my board....nice one

Sunday, 22 July 2012


 the kid in the blue and the kid in black were fighting over some shit so i busted out the vx to film it , the kid in the black didnt really wanna fight towards the end, then out of nowhere the kid in the blue's twin brother got a run up and sucker punched the kid in the black.... preety fucked up..i should of proberly stopped it really...

Friday, 20 July 2012


http://www.globalboarding.tv/promotion/dc/#/promovideo/20/88644 CLICK THE LINK ABOVE AND VOTE FOR HARRY ON THE FLOW TO PRO THING , even if you dont skate just go on the site and vote and if your scared your friends might thing your a greebo or a mosher just delete your history....

harry hughes flow to pro edit from jake martinelli on Vimeo.

stortford with d.a and ash

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

get over

check out rob galpin's blog for recent photos on our travels to london.. http://harlowskatepark.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

John Readwin.....

half a day in the life of readwin
More Skateboarding Videos

The ends.....

head down to enfield yesturday to meet paul, john and sam. sam hayter is now onboard to film a part for the new video! fucking hyped as fuck!
 sam and john talking about socks covred in dog piss.... true story
sam goes in
paul was hyped!
paul almost took out the vx....i shit myself if im honest


on our trip to new york at the dope skate jawn party at that dudes house in brooklyn, this was the video that premiered! give it a watch its fucking amazing!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

productive day in harlow......

Mr sam hayter has graced us with his presents this weekend, after it stop raining we head into to town and hit up a few spots and meet up with some others
sam showed the halifax a NBD!
filmed this ol dirty pisshead singing for about 5 mins! intro song sorted..?
 d.a is boss!
muddy bast!

Monday, 2 July 2012

NYC Round 4.... last few days, new jersey and baltimore

one day me and josh went on a random "might be spots it this area" mission we managed to get kicked off of 2 spots that wernt even spots....

busentiz spot
i was backing up footage after the days skate! just incase
out last night in new york we got in touch with johnny and was gunna go meet them guys at the house of vans for some gig thing, but we turned up to late and couldnt get in so we head to the nearest bar got a couple of drink then went and meet up with them guys afterwards, we then started skating towards another bar and got called up to some roof to party with some stranges were we yammed there food and drank there beer!

" am i cherpsing the bun ting?" colin sussinham.....nah man!

as it was our last night and we hadnt gone to the top of our hotel we went to the top, josh found a stack of boxes and stole them, only when we got to the room we found out they were full of crosiants . YAM DAT!
 we left our hotel and got on the train to new jersey to meet up with josh's freinds erin and sean, they showed us round some spots and put us up for the night! thanks again!

 dopest view

 the mini ramp in erins back yard was preety sick

 then we started our 4 hour coach journey to baltimore

 went to a baseball game for the 1st and last time ever ha! ive defornatly had more fun else were, nice to say i went thou!
so that was it! Thanks again to charlie , erin, sean, johnny, andrew , colin, paul. was a good trip yo!