Thursday, 3 March 2011


Recently had a fucking amazing trip to barca with nicolson and ronny calow. like i said the trip was incredible i didnt wanna leave, weather was amazing and managed to film loads of footy for the new death video and had the best time filming lines for days ! first night was eventful ronny snapped his board at macba doing a nose bonk over a wall then about 30 mins later dislocateted his finger and had to snap it back in. we hooked up with Morph, Troy west, Adam moss and Miles wood and skated a load of spots and hung out. Trip was a success.

nicolson, amoss, ronny and miles wood!

footy cheak myself, nicolson,ronny and morph man

veiw from the hostel was preety rad

biggie hung out for a bit

lines for days at forum


drinking went down

ronny getting on the tall tee's

" having a meeting with jah" - nicolson

cant beat a bit of cock graffiti !zipote!

last day and i ripped my trail before getting train to the airport on a fakie flip!

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