Sunday, 1 May 2011


Last night was the premier night as you may or may not know, oh my! what a fucking rad experience words cant decribe how hyped i am that everything went well! monk and trax were on form with the tunes and macc the drummer...fuck what a badman! mad respect man! I wanna say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who turned up and made it such a rad night! special thanks to my parents for all the support over the years your the best, nicolson for helping me with everything along the way (if it wernt for your help homie i would of been so much harder to get it done your the boss! i owe you) thanks to hem at motel 6 and nick zorlac at death! all my freinds escially eveyone in the video for letting me film them for the past 3 years and throwing themselfs down shit for my camera, also monk and david d for the hook up with getting the video on the night(another one of the it wouldnt of happend if it wasnt for you) The best 3 years of my life? fuck yeah and all finished with a epic night! once again THANKS TO EVERYONE!
p.s if anyone wants copys holla atcha boy! for 5 quid comes with a load of extras to

well didnt expect a turn out like this


harlow represent

end of the showing!


eppin fools!

connor after a sip

wag and horsey

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