Wednesday, 16 May 2012

4 days up north!

on saturday me and harry got on the train and head up to chesterfield to stay with kennelly and get filming for the new slugger video! we got to chesterfield and meet up with moggins and martin came and picked us up, after dropping our sit off at martins we head to sheffield for the evening. as we got into sheffield going round the round about martins clucth cable snapped witch meant we had to push the car and park it up by the park! me moggins and harry headed to dev green whilst martin stayed with the car. we meet up with timmy garbett and miles clark-wallace and hit up the streets with some other sheffield locals!
first night we managed to get a good few clips witch i was hyped on, but unfortunatly moggins fucked his ankles up skating the subway 9 handrail Day 2 we headed to shefield again and bumped into ronny and went skating with him until he broke his board trying to film a trick! harry shut nearly everyhting down we went to even after him saying his legs hurt and didnt think he was gunna skate, still layed hammer after hammer! and another quote was " yeah im not to good at mannys" then did 2 manny tricks ive never seen him do
crash! day 3 we got train into sheffield again (my new favorite place)and meet up with miles again and he took us too some spots. filmed a sick steezy line with miles and with harry too!
harry doing a nbd for his sen! we later meet up with ronny at dev green and chilled there had a few games of skate and watched ronny throw down the biggest tre flip ive ever seen!
it started raining as we were on out way to dreamland spot so we went in the pub for a couple of pints after we finished we reolised that it had dried up so we went to the spot and ronny shut shit down! it was fucking incredible so fucking hyped!
unfortunatly im back home now, thanks to martin for putting us up for a few days, miles and everyone else for showing us around! also to anyone who let me film them so hyped on everything! i will be back up soon for sure.

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