Tuesday, 26 June 2012

new york city ....

i just got back from a 2 week long filming/skating/partying/eating doller slice pizza everyday apart from 2 trip to new york with josh cox and dave vise. new york is fucking amazing! we flew out early tuesday morning and arrived in new york mid afternoon too be greated by shit weather witch sucked but what with the jet lag we wernt feeling skating too much anyway, the next day our freind charlie come down from baltimore to stay with is for the first week and showed us around some spots!

 in the hotel

 tribeca park is preety sick!
josh cox bs nosegrind with a view
 brooklyn bridge
 found this park a few days too early

 R.I.P ...in shut skate shop
 nice fucking butt!
josh's favorite skater... this d.i.y spot in brooklyn was sick

charlie introduced us to his freind johnny, we went and skated with him and the rest of the u.s connect colin, paul and matt! they took us to this sick metal edge ledge spot on a closed down road with the sickest slappy grind curbs. skating with them guys was so rad, skating in and out of traffic holding on
taxi, vans and car, it was a sick experience to say the least!
later that night they invited us back to there yard for a bbq and to skate there new concrete tranny they had built the day before.

 the cox shot gunned a four loko

 the back yard in day light

there house was pure skate house. was so sick!
johnny had a shit load of super 8 cameras and film photo cameras
 i strongly suggest you all watch johnnys video. its fucking amazing

Also check out johnnys blog at http://magnoliascreet.blogspot.co.uk/

ill post more tomorow be sure to check back!!!!

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