Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wednesday in the big smoke

day off number 2! i set off to meet josh again in the city for a skate. for the first time in about 2 years i went to london and acctually skated, and even managed to film somthing (BALLBAG).
after skating aldgate east ledge we headed towards southbank to meet ben rowles (myself, josh, and will miles) on the way a 7 stair stopped us in out tracks (well wills) never seen someone land on one trick so manytimes and get robbed that many times, then to break his board
we meet up with rowles and the amsterdam guys who fucking killed it!
jesse with a stinking slam

everyones favorite john readwin graced us with his presents, and as always made the day ! DOOOOAAAAHHHHHH!
pimlico was the last spot of the day eveyone killed it!

p.s thanks for letting me film!

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