Friday, 29 June 2012

NYC round 2...Skate jawn and other shit....

on the first friday charlie took us along to this skate jawn magazine/video premier party at this dudes house in brooklyn! we got directions off johnny got some 40's and headed to the party,  we got there and charlie introuduced us too the guy whos house it was, charlie asked him if he wanted any money for the keg the guy had brought his reply was... "dude! fuccckkkkk no!" walking up the stairs it seems like there is no one there, then reolised the party was going off on the roof of the guys building over looking the mini ramp in the back yard, was a fucking good party!


josh took his first run on the mini ramp 3 tricks in he locks into a smith grind slips out and shins a little 8 year old girl sitting watching, smooth operator!
the first roof wernt good enough for mike man so he got on to the roof of the roof .

chilling on mo roofs!
 mike mans roof had the dopest view/s
 the drop is gnarly...
 mike man bs 5050
 josh took over filming for a little bit

 brooklyn banks

more to come.....

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